As a lifetime freelance aspirer, I am walking, and sometimes running, imperfectly through life the best way that I can. I feel that it is my responsibility to live truthfully, authentically and wholeheartedly. This site, a step in my direction, is my effort to do just that.

I would not call myself a writer but I have been writing as long as I can remember — short stories, poems and writing jags for friends. I journal because it helps me to process things. And when life gets a little crazy — cause you know it will — I write. It’s my escape and simultaneously its a window to becoming something more.

Come along and take a step in my direction to see my world from my perspective.

My Mission is to create, to give, to love, and to live fully – with a faith-FULL heart and a FEAR-Less soul.

Photograph of Boardwalk by Kimberly Field