Posted by: Kimberly Field | November 22, 2010

Habits Prevail

“ Motivation can fade, habits prevail.”


The other day I came across this saying and it really spoke to me.  I get motivated very easily.  Things enter this noggin’ of mine and I’m ready to implement the inspired thought.  From decorating a room or coming up with another parenting technique to formulating business ideas – they come fast and furious!

Forming habits take a little more effort and that’s where it gets a little tricky for me.   

Brushing my teeth three times a day is the only one habit I stick to it seems.  It’s a small commitment.  They say it takes repeating something approximately 20 days in a row to form a habit.

My motivation usually fades when I can’t find the time to execute my ideas.  Not to mention creating a habit where these ideas can come to life.   

It all boils down to having an inspired thought, getting motivated to set that thought into action, creating a habit of that action so when the motivation has faded, the productive habit prevails.   Eventually, you achieve what you want.

I’m feeling motivated right now….



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